Product Name : Automatic Case Palletizer
Model : ECP-925


      The palletizer ECP-925 provides automatic palletization of cases from one or more packaging lines, the pick-and-place robot meets all the performance for 4-axis robot from built-in infeed conveyor, the robot can pick the product and place it onto a pallet, which is geared by a 3-axis digital control featuring a PLC for the auxiliary function, to pick the cases of several sizes and shapes and place them in any type of pattern onto the pallet as it's programmed.                                                               

     Multiple infeed and discharge layouts are available. Modular components allow for easy upgrades when future needs require additional speed, patterns or options. Systems integrate easily with upstream and downstream equipment for totally automatic operation. An open architecture allows for easy maintenance access.


  • 4-axis digital control.
  • Input cases roller conveyor.
  • 4th axis with 90 or 180-degree rotation.
  • Machine-operator interface PLC control.
  • Telescopic Z-axis
  • Servomotors for axis drive.
  • PVC safety guards.
  • Self-supporting frame, without counterweight.


  •  2,3,4 pallet loading
  •  Alternative load holding system
  •  Difference programmable load height
  •  Pallet magazine PAL-1
  •  Automatic pallet supplier
  •  Custom specifications on requested
  • Stainless steel version

*The specifications & dimensions are subjected to change without prior notice.


  • Pallet size : up to 1200x1100mm
  • Palletized load max. height: 2000mm (from the floor other height on request.
  • Infeed conveyor working table height: 700mm
  • Loaded carton weight : 30kgs
  • Speed : 6 loads/min
  • Power source: 3PH, 220V (50Hz or 60Hz) on request
  • Power supply : 6kg/
  • Air consumption : 800NL/min
  • Machine size : L2530xW2530xH(3400-5100) mm
  • Machine weight: 900kgs