Product Name : เครื่องตัดฟิล์มอัตโนมัติ
Model : FALC-6035-2

คุณสมบัติ :

รุ่น FALC-6035-2
Power source 3Ph/220V. or 380V. / 50-60 Hz.
Cutter Length 600 mm. electric heating type
Efficient sealing

Max. L350 x W200 x H325 mm.

Min. L90 x W60 x H30 mm.

Air consumption 280L/min
Power consomption 1.2 kw.
Product 500ml,600ml,1000ml PET round bottle+flat bottom
Packing patterns 2x6=6 bottles/pack , 3x4=12 bottle+flat bottom
Packing speed 10-12 pack/min
Material PE shrinkable x 2 reels
Controller Mitsubishi PLC program
Control elements Made in Europe & Japan, contactor TE Frame
Temperature FOTEK digital type
Air-cylinder Made by Aluminum alloy material
Height of machine From ground to conveyor surface is about H750mm +/- 50 mm.
Machine structure Made by SS41 standard steel with power coated metal surface