GOOD TIME IMPORT EXPORT CO.,LTD. was founded on 1st March 1993. Our business operation deals with all kinds of packaging machines for example; strapping machine, carton sealer machine, grinder machine, horizontal packing machine, vertical packing machine, vacuum packing machine, shrink tunnel machine, pre-stretch pallet wrapper machine, and various other machines in the field of packaging.

We dedicate ourselves in the selection of machines from qualified suppliers that meet the standard quality of ISO 9002 and safety standard CE from TUV to ensure your trust in the quality of our products. Our long-term experiences enable us to provide our customers with consultation and advice in order to pick out the most suitable packaging machine that matches your requirements and product.

Furthermore, we have a subsidiary company called GOOD TIME ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. that provide customers with the after sales services carried out by professional teams. In addition, GOOD TIME ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. also has a manufacturing department that produces grinder machine, mixer machine, shrink tunnel machine which can be made to order in accordance to the customers’ requirements.

With our experienced and sincere sales team and after sales team, 

only with this logo     can you place your trust in the packaging machine business.